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Smoke and Fire Damage Repair Services in New Jersey


Fires are some of the scariest emergencies any homeowner could ever have. No only does the immediate danger put family and possessions in harm’s way, the resulting smoke can cause long term effects that are not easily forgotten about. As with all of our other professional disaster and emergency services, residential or commercial fires require immediate response. Give us a call right away and we will be on site quickly.

Smoke damage can easily ruin the inside of your home or business. Documents,  furniture, and the structure itself are at all risk when fires burn indoors. Whether you are dealing with the immediate restoration needs post-fire, or want to prevent the long-term impact of breathing and smelling smoke, our trained technicians have the experience and equipment to address your needs.

When we receive a call requesting an assessment and restoration for fire damage, you can expect and trust the best in the industry. Whether a kitchen fire, electrical fire, heater malfunction, or any other fire damage, expect the following services if required:


Our team at Jersey City Mold understands how detrimental a fire can be to your peace of mind and productivity at the property. Losing valuables is never an easy thing to experience and we aim to preserve any and all possessions possible using our state-of-the-art technology and fleet of fire damage equipment. We prioritize salvaging as many items as possible, helping you to save money and minimize the life impact.

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Additional Services

We have specialized equipment to take care of any water accumulation you may have in the home or business space. Our extensive fleet of industrial-sized machines make water no match for us.

Whether a Jersey City storm ripped through your neighborhood or flooding overcame the foundation of your basement, we are always prepared to respond to any type of storm damage you may have.

We make the drying and moisture removal processes a breeze. Using fans and specialized dehumidifiers, we get the water and all evidence of it out of the area.

If water has wreaked havoc on your New Jersey home or business, call our team of restoration professionals today! We fix the situation and repair any damages that may have taken place.

Whether a toilet becomes severely backed up or the integrity of plumbing is compromised, cleaning up sewage requires safe and effective cleanup to ensure no residual impact.

If water damage has taken place in your home, mold growth may likely ensue. The health dangers of mold are significant and our job is to protect your home and those who live in it.

Many emergencies relating to water or mold require a team of pros to resolve the issue. What you may not be aware of is that the issue can hang around in the form of odor. We take care of that as well!

Any element that is exposed to the carpet will likely result in some form of damage. If recoverable, our professional carpet cleaning helps to clean all debris out of the floor fibers.