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Overflowing Toilet? Need Sewage Water Removal?

The unthinkable just happened, and now the bathroom is covered in your worst nightmare, dirty water. The moisture is not only covering the floor, but perhaps continuing to flow on the baseboards and into additional water sources. One call to the professionals who deal with residential New Jersey sewage on a weekly basis is all you need to get your bathroom or house back to normal. Not only will your team arrive on site ready to extract the water and dry the area, they will deodorize and sanitize all the surfaces necessary to remediate the issue.

Bacteria and viruses can quickly contaminate sewage water and the surrounding areas when damage occurs. This creates a significant health risk that simply cannot be ignored. Although the immediate thoughts are on saving the laminate flooring and cleaning the carpets, sanitation is a necessity. Behind eliminating the source of the water, cleaning is the most important step.

Often times an overflowing toilet is a simple job. For the cases in which it is not, having the professional equipment and protection is something worth calling the pros in for. Sewage cleanup service requires proper safety equipment, an awareness of future problem mitigation, and industrial equipment to do the job right. We bring the following to every residential sewage emergency:

In the same way drain pipes are at risk for clogging and overflowing, your Jersey City sewer line is also at risk. These clogs result in rapid water backup and can quickly lead to overwhelming water damage crises. The most common culprit, non-flushable items, continue to wreak havoc on plumbing systems all around the area. Tree roots or weather damage causing city lines to fall are also areas of problem.

As opposed to other plumbing leaks that result in clean water being spread where it shouldn’t, sewage is a much dirtier story. We truly feel the hazardous pathogens are not worth the risk for even the home DIYers. Jersey City Mold properly and safely disposes of the sewer cleanup in a way that allows the residents to quickly reenter the area. Commercial, industrial, or home sewage damage, call us today to schedule a rapid on-site appointment for Jersey City sewage cleanup.

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Sewage overflow in Jersey City New Jersey requiring water damage restoration and mold removal

Additional Services

We have specialized equipment to take care of any water accumulation you may have in the home or business space. Our extensive fleet of industrial-sized machines make water no match for us.

Whether a Jersey City storm ripped through your neighborhood or flooding overcame the foundation of your basement, we are always prepared to respond to any type of storm damage you may have.

We make the drying and moisture removal processes a breeze. Using fans and specialized dehumidifiers, we get the water and all evidence of it out of the area.

If you experience a small fire that results in minor damage or a large portion of the home is destroyed as the result of flames, Jersey City Mold helps to recover all that is possible.

If water has wreaked havoc on your New Jersey home or business, call our team of restoration professionals today! We fix the situation and repair any damages that may have taken place.

If water damage has taken place in your home, mold growth may likely ensue. The health dangers of mold are significant and our job is to protect your home and those who live in it.

Many emergencies relating to water or mold require a team of pros to resolve the issue. What you may not be aware of is that the issue can hang around in the form of odor. We take care of that as well!

Any element that is exposed to the carpet will likely result in some form of damage. If recoverable, our professional carpet cleaning helps to clean all debris out of the floor fibers.